Maximizing Fan Pages

Many marketers and novices alike have looked at Facebook and scratched their head and wondered what value it could possibly be to their business.  Many have dabbled with Facebook, set up accounts, added friends, gotten on Friend’s lists, and still don’t see the value of it.  I’ve been there, done that and wondered myself.

It wasn’t until I discovered fan pages that I realized there was some real value in Facebook. Before fan pages, Facebook was nothing more than a place to lose a few hours when you were bored or to catch up wuth old school friends you hadn’t seen for years.

When you set up a fan page for your business you can instantly keep in contact with your potential customers and with your actual customers and clients. It gives you the opportunity to tell them about what you are doing (relating to your business), new products, services and other things that are of interest to them.

With several hundred fans you can very quickly make sales of any new product you launch and you can promote and earn as an affiliate from any new product launch by anyone in that niche.

Through your fan page you have instant access to the Facebook feeds of all of your fans. This means whenever you update your fan page it updates their feed and they see it … instantly.

This is an incredibly powerful feature that will help you to keep in touch and to promote your business.

Setting up a fan page isn’t difficult, but if you don’t know how to set one up properly for maximum effect (and it’s not child’s play) then you will struggle to recruit fans and earn your full potential from Facebook.

We began offering Fan Pages a few months ago on a limited basis, and now, as Facebook continues to grow by leaps and bounds, have added Custom Fan Page design to our regular menu of services we over.

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