Test for Bloglines Subscribers

Okay… several people have wondered whether they set up their Bloglines Notifier correctly or not… so I’m sending this test message to let you know.

If your Bloglines notifier notified you of this message… you’re all set! Congratulations! You’ll never have to worry about missing an important message.

Quite a few STILL have not set this up yet… and are destined to miss some important stuff!

Everyone (even those of you who have successfully set up your Bloglines Notifier) will be getting another message from me over the weekend, or Monday (at the very latest) giving you ONE FINAL NOTICE to get this set up.

As previously announced, I will be discontinuing the sending of email notices and newsletters at my web site in lieu of posting ALL information to you from within my EBAWebs Blog… which you will be notified automatically when something is posted… now that you have successfully set up your Notifier.

End of Test…

Have a great Weekend!!!


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