Are You Losing Valuable Traffic?

You may be losing valuable traffic and not even know it!  Here’s something you may never have thought of before:

If I were to type your domain name — — into my web browser without the “WWW” so it looked like this: … would I be immediately sent to your site or would I receive a “Page Not Found” error?  Don’t be too quick to answer.  Think about it.  Have you tried this before?

While most web hosts and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are now set up to accept both, some are not!  And this means that visitors who drop the “WWW” and simply type “” into their browsers may be getting an error message… and you may be losing valuable traffic!

If you try this and find that “” doesn’t work, contact your web host or ISP and request that they make the necessary changes.  It’s a quick 5-minute fix for them… and everyone they service will benefit.

Some may try to charge you a fee for this change, but I would argue that this is a common service provided by the majority of ISPs and web hosts today.  If they want to remain competitive and keep your business, then you shouldn’t have to pay.

However, if they still insist on charging you, and the fee is minimal, then you should pay it.  After all, you’re probably losing valuable traffic that will more than pay for this expense in the long run.

It’s such a minor problem… but it could be losing you major traffic! So check into this today!

Until next time…

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