75 Percent of People Buy Their Home Online – Realtors – Are You Ready?

Real Estate Internet Marketing is gaining a lot of importance these days, and is very important for those engaged in selling real estate online.  According to a survey conducted by a top-rated magazine, more than 75% of people now depend on the Internet to buy their dream home.

Since many Realtors have their own sites on the web with features such as pictures of properties as well as floor plans, it has enabled the potential customers to experience hassle-free home buying.  A website not only allows a Realtor to promote listed properties, but also to promote the services they render.

But, there is such a large number of real estate-related websites that it has now become an overwhelming process for a particular real estate website to get ranked high among the search engine results.  Herein lies the role of real estate internet marketing.

A large number of proven real estate internet marketing techniques are now adopted to improve the ranking of a real estate-related website for better search engine visibility, such as search engine optimization, search engine submission, pay-per-click marketing, link analysis, affiliate marking, and e-mail marketing. Among which, perhaps the most prominent one is search engine optimization, or SEO.

Real Estate SEO contains a series of strategic and technical solutions including a selection of the most appropriate keywords, preparing search engine friendly content, linking and submitting the website to major search engines like Google and Yahoo.  All of these factors work together to enhance a real estate agents’ website ranking in the search engines for real estate related keywords.  Although real estate SEO work can be done by business owners themselves, it is better to seek assistance of an experienced SEO firm.

A reputable SEO firm conducts a detailed analysis on your real estate business as well as your target markets, apart from structuring your real estate website with appropriate search terms, synchronizing Meta title and descriptions, and formulating link popularity programs.

Any Realtor who’s serious about competing online should move forward with proven real estate marketing techniques like real estate SEO.

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Why I’m On Twitter In The First Place

I have been making my full time living online since 1999. I have learned a lot of things over these past 10 or 11 years, and have learned who to listen to and who not to listen to. Twitter has not changed my way of thinking, it has only expanded the potential for learning more from more people, but it has also opened “Pandora’s Box” for spammers who are using Twitter’s WHITE HOT popularity to amass huge lists of followers and those they follow.

If the founders of Twitter don’t do something to control this, I believe Twitter could self-destruct in time due to the abusive way people are building fake followings. Most of the people building these lists of thousands and thousands of people are not at all interested in what someone has to say, they are in it for one reason: To sell their crap to as many vulnerable people as they can possibly find.

Obviously, this is not always the case, but in the months I’ve been on Twitter, I would dare say it is true in 98% (or more) of the cases.

Anyone who knows me, or has been “following me” for any time at all, knows I am vehemently opposed to Auto-Follow software for Twitter. Call it a personal beef, call it what you want. I think it is just plain sick that people feel they have to use auto-follow software to build their list of followers.

As of the date of this post, I have actually blocked more followers than I have active followers. Some would call me dumb for doing this, but I am not on Twitter to amass a huge list of followers who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what I have to say. I am also not planning to follow 27,456 people, because quite honestly, no one can really do that and get anything out of Twitter. I will follow people whom I think have something to offer. I’m not interested in what you had for lunch today, or that you’re taking your dog for a walk.

Twitter, for some, has become one of two things. Either a popularity contest, or a place to spam. If you’re on Twitter as a popularity thing because you don’t have enough to do, or you’re lonely and need the connection to strangers to make you feel important, then okay. If you’re on Twitter to spam, I hope the same police who eventually catch the email spammers, also catch you. I put both in the same category of scum.  I block everyone who tries to follow me for the sole purpose of trying to sell me their crap. I never knew there were so many “Internet Marketing Experts” until Twitter came along.  I’m sorry, that’s not why I’m on Twitter, and I don’t want others following me for those reasons.

When I get a notice that someone is following me, I check out their profile. I see where I am on their list of those they follow. If I see I am on page 25 of their follow list 10 minutes after they started following me, it’s simple. I block them!

If I see they have 32 tweets, and 31 of them are asking people to visit their website where they are selling their coaching, (or some other crap) I block them. Who needs a coach who has nothing to teach or no proven track record? Seems like everyone thinks they can throw up a web page or blog and call themselves an expert in whatever and then try to sell that whatever to an unsuspecting crowd of followers. Not me! If I see they have 46,456 followers and follow 56,219 people, I usually block them immediately, because I know all they are doing is just amassing a huge list of people to try and sell something to or spam them with something. I don’t need that… it’s not why I’m on Twitter!

I have things to share with my followers, those who truly want to follow me. Not the artificial followers. I don’t need them, and don’t want them… and I will block them when I catch them following me, and if you’re offended by this stand, then I’m sorry. You shouldn’t be following me, or even reading this blog.

If you’re using auto-follow software, don’t be offended when I block you. If you are truly building a REAL list of followers and following those who have something viable to offer you, then chances are, I will follow you, and won’t block you when you try to follow me.

Another sore spot for me with Twitter is the Auto-DM (or automatic direct message) that some people use. When I decide to follow someone and the first thing that happens is I get a canned message from them trying to get me to download this, or download that, or watch some video selling me on their services, I can’t get to the un-follow link fast enough. And I really get irritated when their canned DM hits my cell phone. (Argh!)

Don’t get me wrong. I use Auto-Responders in my business every day. They are a necessity for many things. I just find it appalling that people feel they have to use it to try and amass names on a list with the sole purpose of trying to sell them something.

Twitter has revealed to me just how many desperate people there are trying to figure out ways to make more money online, and are using Twitter to exploit others.

Now you know all the reasons why I am NOT on Twitter, let me just tell you why I am on Twitter.

I am on Twitter to expand my business relationships and give back to others some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years from others before me that have given me a lot of their knowledge.

Granted, many of the so-called “BIGs” (Big Internet Guru’s), of which I am not, do a lot of selling. They are experts at it, and know how to do it over and over again, usually without making you feel like you’ve been “sold to”.  Just like you, I too sometimes get really tired of all the “Product Launches” of the next best thing to hit the Internet.   But many of these “BIGs” give a lot of themselves without the expectation of anything in return. I follow a lot of them, and learn a lot by just observing what they do and how they do it. HINT: It’s why I follow them. 🙂

Twitter is a great part of Web 2.0 (some even say it is creating Web 3.0). I believe there are a lot of new business relationships being made with Twitter. I have personally made quite a few new business contacts and relationships since starting to Tweet. I hope you have as well.

In my next message here, I’m going to review some Twitter Tools that I use, and why you might want to consider using them as well.

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