SEO Spammers Running Rampant on GMail

If you haven’t gotten an email from spammers using a GMail account lately, consider yourself lucky. Spammers using GMail accounts are running rampant these days, and the so-called SEO Spammers seem to me to be the worst offenders, but by no means are they the only spammers utilizing GMail to send their tons of junk.

Gmail is just another Web-based service that is being abused. And though I could argue that Google AdSense has spawned a massive spamming industry, the real issue here is that black hat link spammers are abusing not only Google, but websites as well.

I am getting so fed up with the junk mail, 98% of it coming from gmail accounts, that I am getting real close to just blacklisting all gmail users from even sending me email. There are a few people with Gmail accounts who send me legitimate email, but the bogus form registrations don’t even come close to looking like real people.

That’s a drastic measure, and one that will certainly block some good Gmail users, but enough is enough. I, for one, am tired of having my free time eaten up fighting all of the Gmail spam of late.  And apparently, Google is doing very little (if anything) to combat this problem.  I don’t hold Google responsible for the fact that it enables spamming, but they have a form on their website where you report such abuse, but it seems that no one at Google is doing anything about any complaints that are filed at their site, so why bother? I’ve submitted several complaint forms, and absolutely nothing is done about them.

Google says that spammers haven’t cracked their Gmail captcha system yet, that the spammers are paying low-cost labor in overseas markets to sign up for Gmail accounts and spam every website they can find.

If spammers continue to abuse Gmail freely, and even worse, if Google does nothing about it,  I’m pretty sure a LOT of ISPs and forums will start blocking Gmail. That’s the only solution that we will have if we don’t want to waste half our day and resources on stopping spam from Gmail accounts.

Listen up Google, you monsterous beasts of the Internet, you are not beyond being blocked. Is anyone at the Goliath of the web listening?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this problem. Just leave your comment (pro or con) below. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…

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