Strategies for Getting Your Facebook Fan Page Found

How does a professional use Facebook to build their business, generate leads, and meet potential clients?

First, you have to set up a fan page for your businesses or brand. After that, you have to get the word out. The page won’t do the work for you. So here are some tips on finding an audience and keeping their interest …

Give it a Proper Name: Sure, seems easy enough…but choosing a smart name might mean something entirely different to you than it does to a search engine. The best name to use, if you’d like to be found more often in searches, is the exact name of your business. Using clever phrases or your web domain may seem like a good way to separate yourself from Facebook’s 600 million active users, but more often than not it’ll make you less likely to be found by the very people you’re trying to attract.

Promote Your Page: Like anything else, if you want people to know about something, you have to tell them. So take advantage of Facebook’s widgets and badges and add links to your page on your business website, your blog, your email signature, and anywhere else you can think of. The more opportunities you create to promote your page, the more likely you’ll have a burgeoning fan base before long. The easiest of all these suggestions is your email signature. It amazes me how many people DON’T use this 100% free method of self-promotion. If you don’t do anything else today, add your Facebook Fan Page address to your email signature file!

Advertise: Facebook offers an advertising platform allowing you to buy a simple ad you can target by location, age, or interests. That means, your ad appears before exactly the audience you want to attract. It’s not free, but if you’re serious about building your fan page, it’s a good way to start adding fans that aren’t in your family or social circle, and it can be done amazingly cheap, compared to some PPC methods like Google and Yahoo/Bing. I’ve run campaigns and cost per click were as low as $.05. That’s pretty darn cheap advertising, and I would challenge you to find advertising any cheaper than that anywhere!

Treat Your Fan Page Like an Online Ad and Optimize: Fan page administrators have access to reporting tools and can use the tools to optimize the performance of their page. All posts are given a quality rating based on how many people comment, like, and write posts in response. You can use this quality rating to get a better understanding about what fans want to see from you.

The Facebook Pages platform provides the most effective way for businesses to engage fans on Facebook. But to be successful, you must remember, pages are a two-way conversation, and you need to be present and active. The rewards are great. Embracing this form of interaction will build deeper connections with your most loyal advocates.

If you don’t already have a business Fan Page, visit for more information on how you can have a professionally designed page without all the programming hassles and struggles.

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Fan Page Updates – What They Really Mean to Your Fan Page

On Thursday February 10, Facebook made some much anticipated changes to their Fan Pages.

For a good part of the day, confusion reigned supreme. Some were excited, some were mad and many were just plain confused. Let’s explore the changes and what they mean to you if you have (or are thinking about getting) a Fan Page:

There was a glitch that caused pages to be truncated and there was a lot of speculation about the width of the tabs being changed. We heard they were being reduced to 500 pixels, 491, 492 and 493 pixels. Don’t worry – it’s not true. It was just a glitch during the upgrade. From everything we’re seeing and hearing, that has been fixed.

This reminds us of one key element: we are at the mercy of Facebook and you need to stay current on their changes and be prepared to maintain your page according to whatever changes they may make (with or without advance notice). It’s the cost of doing business online but it’s still frustrating when changes hit us out of the blue. But we breathed a sigh of relief when we found out it was just a glitch.

Now, onto the other changes (most of them really good):

The navigation (links to other tabs) is now on the left side. Facebook says they did this because they feel that is where people expect the navigation to be, since that is where it is on personal profiles. Lots of people aren’t crazy about this change (myself included). It makes the tabs less prominent and obvious. Like most changes, we’ll get used to it and in a few days, most of us won’t even notice this change. I think the old style was a little more “idiot proof” – which is always a good thing. But people adapt and they figure things out so ultimately this shouldn’t have a huge impact.

But, just in case…it’ll be really important that you set the tab you want people to land on because if users aren’t seeing the nav menu and clicking on other tabs, the tab they land on may be all they see on your Page. You may want them to land on the Wall, or a custom FBML tab – you need to decide and make sure the settings are in place.  (In the new layout, go to Edit Page, then Manage Permissions and you can set the tab you want them to land on – we have chosen to have people land on our FBML tab called Our Facebook Home Page).

Another new change is pictures across the top of the page (like on the personal profiles). This makes pictures much more important than they were before.

There are lots of cool tricks you can do to play with the photos and how they appear. I’ll play around with that as soon as I find the time! Make sure you check out your page and see how your photos look and get some added if you need to. Just be careful, or you could accidentally replace any custom side banner you have on your Page now.

Some other cool changes:

You will be able to receive notifications for your Page, view a News Feed for your Page, and “Like” and post on other Pages as your Page. That means when I am logged in and comment on someone’s post or photo or whatever, I will have the choice to have the post be from “Ed Hudson” (my personal profile name) or “GetACustomFanPage” (the name of our Fan Page). That creates another way to get exposure for your page when you are commenting on other pages. You can flip back and forth between the 2 – so don’t worry you don’t commit to one or the other permanently. This is a cool new change and people seem really happy about this one.

You can now change the Category you list your page as. This is great. Lots of people don’t really understand the category and the impact when they set up the page. You can now go back and change it. (you go to Edit Page, then Basic Information and it’s right there on top). If you’ve upgraded to the new Page format already, be sure to go in and check to make sure your page hasn’t been thrown into a default (and incorrect) Category. Seems to be happening to a lot of Pages.

You can choose to receive email notifications when someone comments/posts on your page’s Wall. (Go to Edit Page, then Your Settings, the second option is Email Notifications)

There are now two publicly visible Wall filters: “Posts by Page” and “Everyone.” So people can choose to only see the posts done by the Page Admin or posts done by anyone visiting the page.

Page admins will be able to view additional filters, like “Most Recent” and “Hidden Posts.”

When people visit your Page, they will be able to view their friends who also like your Page. They will also see other pages both they and you like. This feature reinforces mutual connections.

The text in the little box under your profile pic now appears on the Info Tab (I’m not crazy about this one, I liked having a little blurb there to introduce the page and welcome people).

Although there was no change to sizing of the tabs, there is new sizing for your profile pic (or banner) on your Page. They have been adjusted from 200×600 to 180×540. This change was made ahead of last week’s new format, but just throwing it in here for anyone who had not already picked up on this change.

Static HTML is going away (sort of). Here’s the scoop:

From the Facebook Developer Blog:

“With our recent launch of Requests and the support for iframe on Pages Tabs, we are now ready to move forward with our previously announced plans to deprecate FBML and FBJS as a primary technology for building apps on Facebook. On March 11, 2011, you will no longer be able to create new FBML apps and Pages will no longer be able to add the Static FBML app. While all existing apps on Pages using FBML or the Static FBML app will continue to work, we strongly recommend that these apps transition to iframes as soon as possible.”

This means if you already have the Static FBML application added to your Page before March 11, 2011, it will work and your custom tabs will work.

This change will make it a little harder for amateur coders to create the custom tabs themselves. They will need to be familiar with uploading HTML and CSS files to their server and they will definitely need to know how to set up iFrames. That’s where we can help!

You can feature other Pages that your Page likes, or you can show the Admins of your Page. You’ll see this in the new “Likes” and “Page Owners” sections on the left side of your Page.

One change that is causing a lot of rumbling involves the order in which posts appear on a Page wall now. Used to be chronological, but Facebook (at least for now) seems to think they know best, and have come up with a weighted system for deciding which post carries the most relevance or importance, and lists that first. Challenges will prevail for Page Admins trying to keep up with comments and posts on a busy wall, and like with everything else Facebook does, this one is certainly subject to change in the future, so stay tuned!

So that pretty much covers the changes. We’ll see what other surprises Facebook comes up with!

Doing business on social media sites has its own set of challenges (the cost to make changes and stay current if you don’t handle the work yourself, the time needed to stay current and learn new features, etc.) but that’s all minor considering the benefit you get. So while I was one of the ones ranting last week about the sizing glitch, I had to remind myself that Facebook is offering us a platform to get exposure and build connections – and it’s free! (Sorta). So if we need to update from time to time, it’s really not that bad!

It’ll be interesting to see the introduction of iFrames and to see the feedback after people start using that to create their tabs. Stay tuned, I foresee another post or two on that in my future.

As always, questions and comments are encouraged!

Maximizing Fan Pages

Many marketers and novices alike have looked at Facebook and scratched their head and wondered what value it could possibly be to their business.  Many have dabbled with Facebook, set up accounts, added friends, gotten on Friend’s lists, and still don’t see the value of it.  I’ve been there, done that and wondered myself.

It wasn’t until I discovered fan pages that I realized there was some real value in Facebook. Before fan pages, Facebook was nothing more than a place to lose a few hours when you were bored or to catch up wuth old school friends you hadn’t seen for years.

When you set up a fan page for your business you can instantly keep in contact with your potential customers and with your actual customers and clients. It gives you the opportunity to tell them about what you are doing (relating to your business), new products, services and other things that are of interest to them.

With several hundred fans you can very quickly make sales of any new product you launch and you can promote and earn as an affiliate from any new product launch by anyone in that niche.

Through your fan page you have instant access to the Facebook feeds of all of your fans. This means whenever you update your fan page it updates their feed and they see it … instantly.

This is an incredibly powerful feature that will help you to keep in touch and to promote your business.

Setting up a fan page isn’t difficult, but if you don’t know how to set one up properly for maximum effect (and it’s not child’s play) then you will struggle to recruit fans and earn your full potential from Facebook.

We began offering Fan Pages a few months ago on a limited basis, and now, as Facebook continues to grow by leaps and bounds, have added Custom Fan Page design to our regular menu of services we over.

Take a minute and visit us on our Facebook Fan Page.

I hope you’ll LIKE our page while you’re there, and grab the free download we have up once you LIKE the page.

See you there.