SEO Scams

Okay… I’ve refrained from bashing these idiots for about as long as I possibly could… and forgive me for ranting here… but I’ve had about all of the “SEO PRO LYING” I can stand.


Guys (and gals)… please… DO NOT fall prey to the “so-called” SEO Experts who are calling on you… telling you they can get you this ranking and that ranking by “Optimizing Your Web Site”… blah-blah-blah.


One of these SEO Idiots just made the mistake of calling me…  (His name withheld to protect his stupidity!)


Of course I immediately did my due dilligence on them based on their claims… and could not even find ONE of their own sites in the Top 10 of ANY engine I checked.


Sheesh… c’mon!!


These guys are “idiots” (yeah, I said it) because the PR4 they say they managed to get from unsuspecting site owners scampering for that coveted PR will be the SAME site owners that can’t maintain the credibility it takes to KEEP a decent PR. So, where’s their PR4 gonna go? Down, down, down baby!


If someone calls you and starts telling you they are “Search Engine Optimization Specialists…”  RUN (or hang up) as fast as you can!


95% of what these guys are doing today worked 2 years ago… it DOES NOT work today!!


Folks, I have spent over $10,000 this year, attending seminars and conferences and listening to the people who KNOW what they are talking about when it comes to SEO work… and trust me when I say… SEO does NOT work today the way it did two years ago.  Hell… it doesn’t even work the way it did 2 months ago any more!


Also… FORGET link exchanges!!  THEY DO NOT WORK!!!  Search engines have gotten wise to all that “Link Farming” and Link Exchanging…  it simply carries NO weight with the Big Boys any more!!


Reciprocal linking can and will actually PENALIZE you… so DON’T DO IT!!!


Okay… now that’s off my chest… I feel much better!  🙂






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