RSS Reader Download

Many of you have already successfully downloaded and installed the Simple RSS Reader that I told you about on January 18th, and if you are one of those who have already downloaded and installed the reader.. disregard this post.

If you have not downloaded the reader… here’s a simple three step download, install and set up for you.

First.. I have uploaded the RSS Reader to my website, where you can grab it right now.  This link will open a new browser window for you so you won’t lose your place here.  Download the Reader now.

When the download window opens and asks “Would you like to open or save it to your computer?”, click “SAVE” and select “Save In” and from the drop down menu, find “Desktop” and save it there so you’ll be able to find it easily.

The file is very small and will only take a few seconds to download.

Once the download window says DOWNLOAD COMPLETE, click “OPEN” and the file you just downloaded will open and ask you if you want to Install the Reader.  Click Yes… and the installation will begin.

Just follow the prompts during the installation… and you’re done.

Once completed, you’ll need to set up our RSS Feed (from this blog) so the RSS Reader will notify you when there is a new post.  To do that… right click on the RSS Icon in your System Tray (little green square that says RSS) and choose “Open RssReader”.

Under the folder that says “My feeds”, select ADD (from the toolbar), and enter this exact URL Feed into that pop up window:

…then click NEXT… and you’re done.  Our RSS Feed will now alert you whenever there is a new post, providing you have set up the Reader to notify you with either a Pop Up or audio alarm.

Between Bloglines and the Simple RSS Reader… hopefully everyone is all set now to be monitoring our blog at all times… because I have a lot of new stuff coming your way in the next 10 days.  The BIGGEST announcement of all will not be ready to release to you prior to our annual winter getaway to Mexico in February, but I’ll have it ready to roll on March 1.  Keep reading for the exciting details coming soon!

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Have a good weekend!