Revising Your Bloglines Notifier

Okay, if you want to set our new blog to be read by your Bloglines Notifier, you’ll need to unsubscribe from our original blog, then re-subscribe to this one.

First, go to  The quickest way (if you’ve set up the Bloglines Notifier) is via your Bloglines icon in your system tray, or just go directly there via this link.

Once you’re there… if you already have a Bloglines account (and the notifier), simply unsubscribe from our old blog.  This is done by selecting our blog in the left hand “My Feeds” window, and when the in the right hand window, click on the unsubscribe button at the top of our blog summary.

Once you’ve unsubscribed from the old blog… there are two easy ways to subscribe to our new blog.  The first (and easiest) is to simply click on the “Bloglines Icon” over to the right and a paragraph or so down from here… that will take you directly to the subscribe page of your Bloglines account with the address of our blog already filled in for you.

The second way is to go back to your “Feeds” column (on the left) and select “Add” to add the new blog address.  Using this method will require YOU to fill in the URL of our feed.  In that case, simply copy and paste this URL into the “Subscribe” box on the right hand side of the page:

After you enter the above URL, click on subscribe.  Once you do this, you will have options presented to you.  Be SURE the box is checked that says “Monitored By Bloglines Notifier:”

You can un-check the box that says “Displayed in Mobile”.

Select or un-select the other options there to suit you.

There… you’re all done.

If you had previously installed the “Notifer” module… you don’t need to do anything else.

There are other options for having our blog show up, such as your MyYahoo! page, or your MyMSN page, or your Google Reader, but the Bloglines notifier will signal you a short time (that varies depending on the traffic “I think” at the Bloglines server at given times of the day) after a post has been published to our blog.

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That’s it.  You’re all done, and can rest assured that you won’t miss any news or important information.

For ease of readability and moving around within our new blog, I would suggest you not read the posts from within Bloglines, rather, just use that as your notifier, and click over to the blog itself to read all posts.  The text is easier to read directly at the blog, rather than reading from a re-post in Bloglines… but that’s your option.

Have a great day!


2 comments on “Revising Your Bloglines Notifier

  1. Didn’t get the notice through bloglines in the lower right of my display page, but do click on icon every day or so. It still has the “!” on it, telling me “no connection”. You had mentioned that you could fix it.

  2. Sounds like a firewall issue or possibly an issue with Norton (if that’s what you’re using for anti-virus). I suggest you send a support ticket on this and let them direct you as to what you need to do to remedy this. The notifier is working properly, that much I do know.. so it is obviously a connection issue on your end, and again, I suspect this is related to a firewall of some sort not allowing to access the web through your connection.


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