Microsoft – Tech Supportless

Hope none of you ever have an emergency where you need to contact Microsoft.  I had just that last Thursday (February 2nd) when my main work computer suddenly couldn’t remember who I was… and booting up, wanted a password that didn’t exist.  There was literally no way to get my computer to boot, it just kept asking for a passord that doesn’t exist.

Trust me when I say, I know (most) all the tricks for getting past a password block, but this one was somehow different.

To make a long story short(er)… I logged on to the Microsoft web site via another computer in my office to search for a work-around.  “USUALLY” their Knowledge Base is full of tips, tricks and fixes for things like this…  but not this particular problem.

So, I proceeded to open an online chat session with Microsoft.  With any Microsoft Registered Product, you get two free tech support sessions before they charge you.  I had never used any tech support from Microsoft (thank goodness!), so that was not a problem.  However, upon starting the chat session, I was informed that a chat session was not available for this particular issue, and someone would be calling me (now get this….) within 5 to 7 days!

Holy toledo, I’m glad this was not a life and death situation! (Although, as you can imagine, for me to not be able to log on to my main computer, is almost life and death).  Five to Seven days?  You have GOT to be kidding.

Sure enough,today (5 days later) someone from Microsoft called.

I had already (on my own) solved the issue, albeit I lost nearly a full day of work figuring out a work-around for the problem.  Did get this issue solved, and back up and running the same day.

So I decided to see what the tech support(less) crew from Microsoft had to say, just to see if they had a quicker solution than what I finally figured out on my own.

After playing along with this guy for about 25 minutes, I finally concluded that he knew less about fixing this problem than I did… and once I ran out of patience with him, asked to speak to Bill Gates! (Yeah right… )  Anyway.. just wanted to see what he’d say when I asked that….   he didn’t laugh… and didn’t think my request was very humorous.

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Nevertheless… I did tell him that his “so-called fixes” for my problem did not work, and I proceeded to tell him what I had figured out on my own.

His response…. “… uh, sir… that is not a registered fix for this problem.”

HOLY COW!  What do they teach these bird brains from Redmond???

I told him to “register it!  It works!!… Let me speak to Bill!!”

One can only hope I never have a “real life or death situation” where I have to depend on Microsoft Tech Supportless for assistance.  And hope you never do either!!!