Link Directories? DON’T DO IT!

I hate to keep preaching the same sermon over and over… but it’s clear that some of you just don’t pay attention to the preacher. 🙂


Ladies and Gentlemen… boys and girls… if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 20 times.   “DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SITES LIKE THIS!  DO NOT!!!!”



We are a new web directory targeted specifically at real estate.

Realty Link Exchange is a Real Estate directory which has been developed to help good, relevent real estate websites exchange links for to help achive more relevant traffic, and search engine rankings.


  1. Only Real Estate related websites are allowed to join this directory.
  2. All new members are reviewed by real people to assure a high quality directory.
  3. Relevant traffic to your website, this is a Real Estate directory.
  4. Recipricol Linking helps boost search engine rankings, resulting in more traffic.




If this company was up with current technology and search engine algorithms… they WOULD NOT still be talking about old outdated technology that not only no longer works, but actually can get your web site BANNED!!


HELLO!!!  ???    Is anyone paying attention here???


I won’t publish the rest of their list as to why you need to be in a LINK DIRECTORY…   just suffice it to say, IF YOU FALL PREY to this old outdated tactic and link yourself to a bunch of these directories, PLEASE don’t come crawling to me in 6 months or a year asking, “Why is my web site no where to be found in any of the search engines?”


End of (REPEATED) Sermon for today. 😉




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