CAUTION! Do Not Open These!



If you get an email with the subject line:


Spyware Alert!,  Virus Alert!,  Worm Detected!, Trojan Alert!,  or some other warning notice of similar subject content, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT Click the link in the email that recommends you to install a patch!


Here is what the email looks like:



Dear Customer,

Our robot has detected an abnormal activity from your IP adress
on sending e-mails. Probably it is connected with the last epidemic
of a worm which does not have official patches at the moment.

We recommend you to install this patch to remove worm files
and stop email sending, otherwise your account will be blocked.

Customer Support Center Robot




These emails could also be signed as “Support Team Robot”, “Postmaster”, “Abuse Team”, or any other signature that tries to make you think it was sent from someone in authority.


These are NOT coming from me.  Hopefully you already know this game well enough by now to know I would NEVER EVER send you an email notice like this.


So even if you THINK I sent you something of this nature…. think again.  I would never send you an update link embedded in an email… ESPECIALLY something like this.


Be diligent and cautious in opening ANY suspicious looking email right now.  There are a TON of bogus and spam/virus related email schemes circulating around the world right now.


Have a safe surfing day!!



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