Link Directories? DON’T DO IT!

I hate to keep preaching the same sermon over and over… but it’s clear that some of you just don’t pay attention to the preacher. 🙂


Ladies and Gentlemen… boys and girls… if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 20 times.   “DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SITES LIKE THIS!  DO NOT!!!!”



We are a new web directory targeted specifically at real estate.

Realty Link Exchange is a Real Estate directory which has been developed to help good, relevent real estate websites exchange links for to help achive more relevant traffic, and search engine rankings.


  1. Only Real Estate related websites are allowed to join this directory.
  2. All new members are reviewed by real people to assure a high quality directory.
  3. Relevant traffic to your website, this is a Real Estate directory.
  4. Recipricol Linking helps boost search engine rankings, resulting in more traffic.




If this company was up with current technology and search engine algorithms… they WOULD NOT still be talking about old outdated technology that not only no longer works, but actually can get your web site BANNED!!


HELLO!!!  ???    Is anyone paying attention here???


I won’t publish the rest of their list as to why you need to be in a LINK DIRECTORY…   just suffice it to say, IF YOU FALL PREY to this old outdated tactic and link yourself to a bunch of these directories, PLEASE don’t come crawling to me in 6 months or a year asking, “Why is my web site no where to be found in any of the search engines?”


End of (REPEATED) Sermon for today. 😉




What is Google Up to Now?

For me to be posting something to you on a Saturday, should tell you right off the bat, this must be pretty important!  And for anyone using Google AdWords to promote their business, it is VERY IMPORTANT, so please pay attention here.


Right now Google is making some CRAZY changes to their AdWords system.  They are going and manually reviewing the landing pages of their advertisers and in many cases BOOTING PEOPLE from their system.


In many cases, they aren’t actually terminating people from the AdWords system but they will raise the minimum click price for their keywords to like $5.00 per click — essentially running them off.




I’ve now seen firsthand that Google is turning away people that were spending over $10,000/MONTH with AdWords.  Yes, basically telling them “We no longer want your money go advertise somewhere else.”


It’s truly INSANE.

Maybe you’ve been one of the unlucky ones that this has happened to.  If not, be prepared for it.  Here’s the deal…
It appears as if their latest changes are mostly affecting SQUEEZE PAGES.  In other words, landing pages that go for the opt-in before showing a sales letter or the bulk of the site’s content.  (Although it’s happening to some sales letter pages too.)


For a publicly traded company that’s under tremendous pressure to continously generate more profit from quarter to quarter, this surely seems like an IDIOTIC move on their part.




I have a ‘theory’ about why they are doing it.  Google is supposed to be coming out with a CPA offering very soon.  This will allow advertisers to pay Google on a cost-per-action basis, such as by paying PER OPT-IN SUBSCRIBER.


I personally believe they are moving in this direction because of all the CLICK FRAUD.


Anyway… my theory is that Google is very against landing pages that are focused on collecting opt-ins because they hope to SELL THEM with their new CPA offering.


If you currently require a person to register at your site before getting MLS access, I do not believe this will affect you in any way, however, I plan to investigate this on Monday by calling Google direct, and seeing if I can get clarity on that for you, and will let you know what I find out when I find out.


Either way, something crazy is going on with Google AdWords and it’s WIPING OUT some marketers’ revenue.  It totally sucks.


This is yet another reason to LEVERAGE your traffic from multiple places and not have all your eggs in one basket.


If you use AdWords for traffic don’t panic.  We’ll figure out a solution to all of this and find a way to make it very profitable — that’s almost always the case everytime there is a major change.  What seems horrible to some marketers becomes a major OPPORTUNITY to others.


I am in the process of fully investigating this situation and as soon as I have any solid information to share with you about possible solutions, etc. I’ll be in touch about them.


Have a good weekend!!

Click Fraud?

If you’re advertising on Google or Yahoo! (or MSN for that matter), continue to monitor this story… as it could affect your bottom line.


Have a good week!




P.S.  If you have not claimed your service area at you still have time to do so, as our major push to EBA’s nationwide has not rolled out as yet.. due to a large number of the EBA names and email addresses I had being outdated.  We are in the process of updating our mailing list, so you’ll have another day or two to grab your city before the rest of the EBA Community hears about this.


Big Win for Internet Freedom

Thanks to your calls and letters, we took a major step forward this week in the fight for Internet freedom.


A bipartisan majority on the House Judiciary Committee yesterday passed the “Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act” — a good bill that would use antitrust law to protect Network Neutrality. Special thanks to those of you who called the key members who cast the deciding votes.


The question before us is simple: Will the Internet remain in the hands of users and innovators?  Or will a handful of telephone and cable companies determine which Web sites you see and which you don’t?  Yesterday’s vote — a milestone for our movement — would have been unthinkable just three weeks ago.  But we’ve shown once again that organized people can defeat powerful corporations.


Our opponents spent untold millions on high-priced lobbyists, slick ad campaigns and fake grassroots groups. But the voices of hundreds of thousands of citizens — your voices — made the difference.


The Coalition led by Free Press now boasts nearly 700 groups that span the political spectrum, including, the Christian Coalition, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Gun Owners of America, Consumers Union, and the American Library Association. Thousands of blogs have taken up our cause. Yesterday, the coalition’s petition drive surpassed 750,000 signatures.


Our top priority is increasing the number of people who know about this threat to Internet freedom.


One thing you can do right now: Get five friends to join the fight


The struggle in Congress isn’t over. The full House will take up the bipartisan Judiciary bill (H.R. 5417) — as well as the massive rewrite of the Telecom Act — after they return in June. The Senate is also considering major legislation that currently fails to protect Net Neutrality, though a bipartisan group of Senators are lining up behind the excellent Snowe-Dorgan bill (S. 2917).



Our work is not done. But momentum is on our side.


Stay tuned for futher updates on this subject when I get them.


Have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend!