Gmail Notifier

For any of you who use GMail (I have a GMail account but have never used it 🙁 ) Google has come out with a notifier that you can download that will let you know when you have mail in your GMail account, without having to log on to Google to check, only to find that you have wasted your time…. “You have NO Mail.” 

Do you see a trend developing here folks with all these “notifiers” ?? 🙂

Here’s where you can grab the Google GMail Notifier (if you want it, or need it).




Revising Your Bloglines Notifier

Okay, if you want to set our new blog to be read by your Bloglines Notifier, you’ll need to unsubscribe from our original blog, then re-subscribe to this one.

First, go to  The quickest way (if you’ve set up the Bloglines Notifier) is via your Bloglines icon in your system tray, or just go directly there via this link. Read more Revising Your Bloglines Notifier