We have just been notified of technical issues related to any domain on the AOL service. This includes such mail domains as,, and


Here is the notice we received:


“AOL has informed us that they are experiencing issues that are affecting their ability to accept and deliver email to the AOL domains (, and They have asked that we notify our clients of the problem and request that you suppress sending email to AOL until they have resolved the issue.


If you try to send email to AOL during this time you may experience TEMPFAILS or non-responsive AOL MTAs.


AOL has not provided us with an estimated time for this issue to be resolved but we are monitoring the situation closely and will send out an update when we have more information.”


We have gone one step further and checked with our contacts at AOL. The AOL postmaster has confirmed what we were informed of, and requested as well that we desist mailing their accounts until such time that their service has recovered from the technical issues they are experiencing.


We were also furnished with this article, telling us the nature of the issue:


Please note that this issue may cause missing mail to AOL, and is in no way under our control. The problem is solely at their end, and we will ensure that you are kept up to date.


This also includes any newsletter subscribers we are sending to over these next couple of days with your June Newsletters…  those at AOL “Probably Will Not Receive” this month’s issue. 






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