I became a Realtor in 1984, opening my own real estate agency in 1989, later converting the traditional company to an Exclusive Buyer Agency office in 1992.  I guess you could say I was more or less a pioneer for Buyer Agency in the Myrtle Beach, SC market in 1992, paving the way for what is now a widely accepted practice in that area.  At the time, Buyer Agency was not well received, and we had a lot of one on one education meetings with the brokers in our market just so they’d understand that we were their ally, not their enemy.

I served as an Eastern Region Director for the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) in 2000, and served as keynote speaker at their Annual Conference in New Orleans in November 2002. In addition to serving on many of our local board’s service committees, including the Grievance and Professional Standards Committees, I also served at the state level for Ethics and Professional Standards.

After struggling for nearly 6 months to find a good web designer who understood web design AND real estate, I decided to build my own company web site. The site became so successful that I was able to discontinue all print ads after the website was online for less than one year, saving us an advertising overhead in excess of $6,000 per month, with 100% of our company business coming from the Internet.

Several of my close broker-friends in real estate begged me to build them a web site too, and a new business was born. I soft-launched my real estate web design company in January of 1998, specializing in the design of web sites for other real estate brokers around the country. Within 18 months, we had so many web clients I decided to devote full time to the web design and web hosting business and retired from active real estate, although I do still maintain an active South Carolina Broker’s License and refer quite a number of buyer leads to qualified brokers and agents nationwide every year.

This blog is an attempt to share just some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years through education and every day business practices. I hope you gain some insightful tips and understanding from my post about technology, the web, and business in general. Don’t forget to leave a comment about any post you see here. I look forward to hearing from you.


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