A Better MAP

I’m getting my ducks in a row for a conference I’ll be attending in Atlanta later in the week, and decided to map out my drive. Hating Mapquest like a bad cold, I decided to try Google’s new mapping service instead. BOY what an improvement over Mapquest. You might like to check out Google’s latest entry in the mapping competition.

The problem I have with all these online maps is the lack of detail, particularly with streets that have been added in the last few years. And there’s a real lag time in keeping the database updated, but at least, for now, most of these online mapping services are free.

Another gripe I have is, they don’t always map out the really best route to take, but it’s better than fumbling with the old paper maps (you know.. the ones you can never get to fold back the way they were?)

If you haven’t tried Google’s mapping service yet.. check it out.

When you first open that site.. you’ll see a map of the entire United States. Just go to the little search box at the top and choose “Local Search” or “Directions”. Pretty neat how the map is changable for your needs.

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